St Abb's National Reserve

St Abb's National Reserve
View from my office

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Finally got confirmation tonight that I'm going to finish the fine art degree I started in 1994. That's a small part of the story.
I WILL finish that commission before I go back, don't worry.
I must pick the threads back up and make some decisions I didn't take the first time round.
Hopefully, there will by blog progress reports.
Contest is the issue, the abstract work lost its value in my eyes, as it appeared to serve a personal purpose and had limited success in finding an audience to respond to it. It floated in space, unconnected to the past or the present, so had no place in the future. The works, visually, appeared solid and ancient, but transient and formless. I could not pin down a lineage, trace the ancestry and mine the mythology. I will post a few, over time- a bit of a back catalogue alongside a few statements.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Purely by accident, I found a wonderful place called Jupiterartland. It is just outside of Edinburgh and sparely signed. Well worth a visit!
Having driven through super gates we wound our way cautiously through the grounds of an elegant house, getting a look at a few of the specially commissioned sculptures. We passed a little collection of furry animals, some lovely planting, then into the visitors centre, where I confirmed our booking and was presented with a map. Among the superb, mature trees a path was laid out which took us from artwork to artwork; each one, I believe, site specific. There is, among the beautiful trees, a fabulous collection of sculpture from an array of artists; Andy Goldsworthy among them.
I was amazed; everyone was happy! The youngest climbed (trees, not art- forbidden, naturally!) our eldest was inspired to make a photographic journal and my other half, too, happily meandered along, just happy to see what came next, in our path.
Not only a wonderland of art, but low-key, light on retail, done with heart and soul in abundance. I gather a couple, patron of the arts have just opened their grounds to the public to explore on certain days of the week. I thank them, what a treat! And, good coffee, too!
Anyone in Alnwick on Wednesday, by-the-way, please drop by the market square to see our tribes dancing together at noon, and again at 3pm.