St Abb's National Reserve

St Abb's National Reserve
View from my office

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Oh, the ups and downs of the artist: I get a good day's painting in, today, then burn my son's fish fingers in the process of updating the blog.

(I've binned them- okay am eating them- and have begun a fresh batch, before his stern eye catches sight of a charred corner and flips the things over, saying, 'Mu-um, you've burned them AGAIN!')

Nope, not in any of the Great Artists' bio-pics or books:

Thursday: Light breeze, nimbus clouds hooking the cobalt roof. Sought the company of seagulls on the clifftops; dolphins jumping at the head.

Studies of waves breaking over rocks.

Came home; burnt the fish fingers.

Perhaps they just left those little details out of the picture?

Not that I'm trying to compare myself, you understand, it's just, perhaps a sense of single-mindedness in one life can attract nothing but admiration. In another life can lead only to gettnig told off by a ten-year-old.

What am I doing?

Apart from burning more fish fingers?

Get me off this machine!


occasional northerner said...

I know I say this every time but I like that one too. Bought a picture this week - an intersting etching of a head - for Rosie Evenden Donald - Nearly all sold.

Sarah said...

I had a look at the website- makes you think, doesn't it?
Sounds a little morbid, but I had considered, for my kids some kind of sale of the paintings left in the house, on the event of my premature death so they would have a little financial security.
Says something about a person, doesn't it? When they inspire such an event...