St Abb's National Reserve

St Abb's National Reserve
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


So, in the knowledge there's a blogging crown of social networking to be had I'm after pimping this page with all the bells and whistles I can find, only- my link list doesn't link- why, why, why?
Anyone have an idea?


by Tatty said...

Ohmygod - i love this pic on your homepage. So bold! (ohgod - how muchy?) Where is your link list? What problemas? Watch for a double http:// http:// which happened to me on mine... t xx

Michelle said...

All the links I can see on your blog work fine....!

Anonymous said...

this looks great I will devote my time later to reading it all
would you put my link on?
I am desperately trying to find an outfit,(this is taking up spare secs)when i am going to buy, I withdraw, thinking will i look a mess, so ineed a skirt and top etc it is driving me nuts
that post card of seahouses needs to be on display

Sarah said...

Thanks Tatty, that worked, hence Michelle, thel inks work now!
2siamese, I couldn't get to your blog via this comment, I shall have another go, presuming its a blog blug.
Thanks for dropping by.