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St Abb's National Reserve
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Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy new year.

Let's all agree now to have a good 2009, shall we? I'm feeling moronically optimistic and don't want to be in a club of 1.

I've not got back in the old shed, yet, in fact I'm looking for bigger premises as 8x10ft has limitations for my messy creativity.

Warm, light, spacious, cheap, if you are asking and within walking or cycling distance, running water and mains electricity. Don't want much, do I? But there's no harm in asking, I reckon.

Ideally I'd have a place where I can leave more than one project out, have plenty of wall space to pin up sketches and photos and storage for an embarrassing collection of art materials, which probably will get used, ahem.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind getting my writing published, this year, please, Universe, since I'm making a list.

And yourselves, what's on your wish list? Go on, tell me...


Michelle said...

Yes, 2009 is going to be an amazing year. You are no longer alone. What do I want...erm a publishing deal is a must, plenty of work, some sunshine and a healthy and happy family.
On a more materialistic note, a digital projector, a new scanner, some more crystals, a new car (an aston martin DB9 would be nice, but somthing shiny and newer than the mondeo I currently have would be nice!).
Hmmm....the list could go on, but I won't be greedy!
Catch ya soon!

occasional northerner said...

Happy New Year!

I am, I'm afraid, a relenteless pessimist! However I'm sure this will be a year filled with the usual good and bad and I'm looking forward to getting on with it.

At this risk of being a copy cat I'd like a DB9 too!

I would however be totally satisfied with no major unexpected dereroration in the country's already fagile economic condition and as many optimistic people, actually doing things as possible(as oppsosed to those talking about recovery as if it just happens.

And I'd like to have some fun, come home at a reasonabole time most nights, meet some interesting people, buy some pictures, tidy up my garden, teach my dog to behave, learn to trot round the corner(not a lot to ask after a year of riding lessons), have a few days fishing, be more organised at work, stay healthy (I seem to be surrounded by death and destruction (albeit affecting others) a bit) and generally lead life as it is - might that be smugly content? I hope not. See you soon.


Sarah said...

Are you still interested in the Belford Book project, O.C?

Retiredandcrazy said...

I wish for a warm summer, a well husband, a contented family and the safe arrival of our 4th great grandchild due next week. Happy New Year Sarah.

Vargas said...

May you all realize your wishes in 2009. And, Sarah, I also wish for you that you get to watch a lot of old movies by the fireside: both those that I have blogged about and many others!