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St Abb's National Reserve
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On 21st Feb I've organised a dance party, a hafla, which is an opportunity for local Arabic and Tribal-Style dancers to perform (that is, both teachers and students) and for folk to come and watch, see what the whole thing is about. So what I'm saying is, 7 for 7.30 at The Ferguson Hall, Nursery Lane, Belford and £5 per ticket; feel free to bring your own refreshments.
I teach 5 hours a week, at the moment and getting into the swing of it is challenging; a few more early nights are necessary to prevent burn-out! (A collegue of mine teaches 10; I need to take some notes.)
It may seem a little confused, a little unfocused to split my career up into three (counting writing, too) but I find, if I'm organised with my time, painting, dancing and writing compliment each other perfectly; (I'm a lucky old blighter, aren't I?) It probably means I'll never be exemplary in any of my chosen disciplines but I'd have a difficult job choosing one over the others.
Point is, I've not begun painting, yet, this year (too dark, cold, wuss!) but I have sorted out choregraphy, reviewed some of my stories, so I'm not really juggling, just doing the things that are most appropriate for the time- sap is rising now, though, and the studio mucked out. I'll post any new work, meanwhile, enjoy a few class photos...


Michelle said...

I can see the whole dancing the sap and the light back into the year as a very positive thing Sarah, almost a ritual preparation for the good things to come. Certainly somthing from a more focussed and earth connected time. I however am a lazy bugger with no sense of rhythym (I'm not even sure I can spell it), so I just paint anyway! Can we look forward to some photos from the event?

Sarah said...

Sure thing; If my photographer can be persuaded to go along!!!

knifepainter said...

Like dancing, like painting more.
Get a hat and crack on !!!